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      • Review - Explaining Cloud computing - The Past, Present, Future
        From Bharti Gupta's website -

        Target Audience

        The target audience here is people who want a good visual explanation and overview of cloud computing. Also the target audience is youtube viewers.

        Type of Document

      • Review - Intelligent Agents for intrusion detection
        From SANDHYA VARANASI's webpage.

        Target Audience

        This is defenitely an academic paper. I think the target audience would be professionals, students, or academics who are doing research on this topic.

        Type of Docum

      • Web client based distributed systems links
        Here are my three links for my Topic!

      • Redefinition of project: in depth project description, use cases and deployment diagram
        I am going to implement a Tor client/relay in Java. There is an existing project, OnionCoffee, which is an attempt at creating a Java implementation of Tor. However, this project is out dated, full of bugs and incomplete. OC (OnionCoffee) does not have the capability to run a relay (to become a nod

      • Project Idea
        The Tor network is a distributed system designed to keep a user anonymous while accessing the internet. Tor is a network of "onion routers" that provide a private encrypted network to tunnel your traffic through before it gets onto the web. This is especially helpful if a user wants to acc

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