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  • 2009
    • December
      • Final Report

      • Topic Presentation #2

        My second topic presentation on web-client based distributed systems.

    • November
      • Article Review 5
        Article Review:

        Vijish Vijayan
        Replication in Ficus
        Distributed File Systems

        Target Audience
        The target audience would be academics who are interested in the topics of d

      • Presentation
        My Volunteer presentation from 11/11/09 on Distributed Javascript -

      • Screenshots & Test Cases
        The following screenshot is the output of my basic test code. The beginning is the automatic directory loading, and then the last line is the string output of my HiddenService object (the one that represents the service host). More details can be read about what the different variables represent and

      • Article Review 4

      • Article Review 3
        Daniel Priece:

        Target Audience
        This is targeted at professionals more than it is academics. The application of the technology that surrounds this article mostly seems applicable in a

    • October
    • September
      • Review - Explaining Cloud computing - The Past, Present, Future
        From Bharti Gupta's website -

        Target Audience

        The target audience here is people who want a good visual explanation and overview of cloud computing. Also the target audience is youtube viewers.

        Type of Document

      • Review - Intelligent Agents for intrusion detection
        From SANDHYA VARANASI's webpage.

        Target Audience

        This is defenitely an academic paper. I think the target audience would be professionals, students, or academics who are doing research on this topic.

        Type of Docum

      • Web client based distributed systems links
        Here are my three links for my Topic!

      • Redefinition of project: in depth project description, use cases and deployment diagram
        I am going to implement a Tor client/relay in Java. There is an existing project, OnionCoffee, which is an attempt at creating a Java implementation of Tor. However, this project is out dated, full of bugs and incomplete. OC (OnionCoffee) does not have the capability to run a relay (to become a nod

      • Project Idea
        The Tor network is a distributed system designed to keep a user anonymous while accessing the internet. Tor is a network of "onion routers" that provide a private encrypted network to tunnel your traffic through before it gets onto the web. This is especially helpful if a user wants to acc

    • August
      • Course Topics
        Welcome to my website for my Distributive Systems class, CSC 8530 at Villanova University. Don't be too impressed, the back end for this blog was taken from .

        Here are my potential topics for the class: