Redefinition of project: in depth project description, use cases and deployment diagram 
I am going to implement a Tor client/relay in Java. There is an existing project, OnionCoffee, which is an attempt at creating a Java implementation of Tor. However, this project is out dated, full of bugs and incomplete. OC (OnionCoffee) does not have the capability to run a relay (to become a node in the Tor network). I propose to update the OnionCoffee code and implement the Relay functionality in OnionCoffee. This is an integral part in the distributed system, because the relay will be responsible for setting up circuits in the Tor network, as well as handle distributed key exchange. The specifications for a Tor client can be found at For my project I would like to fork the OnionCoffee project and bring it up to the Tor client specifications, including the relay capability.

Use Case Diagram
Deployment Diagram

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