Review - Intelligent Agents for intrusion detection 
From SANDHYA VARANASI's webpage. ... .varanasi/

Target Audience

This is defenitely an academic paper. I think the target audience would be professionals, students, or academics who are doing research on this topic.

Type of Document

This is an academic document that explores a formally defined process. The document was supported by a contract with the US Department of Energy

Summary of Article

This article describes a technique used for intrusion detection. It is a data mining technique in which a distributed system of intelligent agents can detect intrusion. They used a Java framework for Meta-Learning to implement this expirement. The intelligent agents were trained with data before being able to detect intrusion.


The experiment was a success, and they were able to implement intrusion detection by using this data mining technique on a distributed system of Java-implemented intelligent agents. This seems like a valid place to look for a model for implementing a network of intelligent agents.

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