Article Review 4 

Article Review:
Multi-Level security in tightly coupled military systems:
Virtualization as a path to MLS
From: Matt Anders

Target Audience
The military, or people interested in high security for large
systems. It is informative so it could be for any person who
stumbles upon it - but I don't think someone would be interested
in this unless he/she likes security and/or is part of the

Type of Document
This is an informative document created by academic
professionals. It is brief, but to the point about their
comparisons of virtualization and MLS.

Summary of Article
compares and contrasts virtualization to MLS. They do this by
comparing and contrasting certain elements about the two, their
goal and how they isolate data. The isolation of data is
certainly stressed in this article, because it is their measure
of security. Their solution to what each of these don't have is
the RapidIO network protocol. In their conclusion they claim
that RapidIO could bring security to traditional and virtualized

This is a good informative document about Virtualization and
Multi-Level Security - their differences and similarities, goals
and how they work; however it is mostly a plug for the RapidIO
network protocol.

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