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Replication in Ficus
Distributed File Systems ... =0&d=1

Target Audience
The target audience would be academics who are interested in the topics of data replication. In addition people interested in the Ficus framework for UNIX systems would be a target audience member as well.

Type of Document
Informative document that describes a research and development process, as well as the product of that process in detail. This document was a paper that was presented at a workshop concerning the replication of data - in 1990, that was a long time ago.

Summary of Article
The article starts out by introducing Ficus - this framework that can be added to many existing systems to support data replication and access easily. Next it explains the research process, their design model and then their approach. Finally they explain in more detail, the final product - Ficus.

This is a very old paper, I would be surprised if Ficus is still around - actually their website hasn't been updated in 4 years and development stopped in 95. Therefore this is a good article to understand the basics of some of the structures in data replication management.

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