Course Topics 
Welcome to my website for my Distributive Systems class, CSC 8530 at Villanova University. Don't be too impressed, the back end for this blog was taken from .

Here are my potential topics for the class:
  1. Distributed systems in the Tor Network
  2. Distributed problem solving (Mersenne Primes, protein folding)
  3. Distributed peer to peer networks (bit torrents)
  4. Web based Distributed Systems using Javascript, Flash or Java applets (client-side applications)
  5. Ad-hoc wireless networks
  6. Distributed Operating systems over multiple computers
  7. Distributed artificial intelligent agents
  8. Distributed computing with multiprocessor and multi-core machines
  9. Distributed Systems and folksonomies as well as other web 2.0 "data structures"
  10. Distributed hacking (botnets, ddos attacks)

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