Final Report

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Topic Presentation #2

My second topic presentation on web-client based distributed systems.

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Article Review 5 
Article Review:

Vijish Vijayan ... s-articles
Replication in Ficus
Distributed File Systems ... =0&d=1

Target Audience
The target audience would be academics who are interested in the topics of data replication. In addition people interested in the Ficus framework for UNIX systems would be a target audience member as well.

Type of Document
Informative document that describes a research and development process, as well as the product of that process in detail. This document was a paper that was presented at a workshop concerning the replication of data - in 1990, that was a long time ago.

Summary of Article
The article starts out by introducing Ficus - this framework that can be added to many existing systems to support data replication and access easily. Next it explains the research process, their design model and then their approach. Finally they explain in more detail, the final product - Ficus.

This is a very old paper, I would be surprised if Ficus is still around - actually their website hasn't been updated in 4 years and development stopped in 95. Therefore this is a good article to understand the basics of some of the structures in data replication management.

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My Volunteer presentation from 11/11/09 on Distributed Javascript - ... cript.pptx

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Screenshots & Test Cases 
The following screenshot is the output of my basic test code. The beginning is the automatic directory loading, and then the last line is the string output of my HiddenService object (the one that represents the service host). More details can be read about what the different variables represent and how they are calculated can be found in the specs: or my notes:

All this code can be found at my github

The output is as follows:

[11/11/09 4:40 PM] DEBUG: Adding trusted authority: (Directory: moria1 fingerprint=ffcb46db1339da84674c70d7cb586434c4370441 v3ident=e2a2af570166665d738736d0dd58169cc61d8a8b) [11/11/09 4:40 PM] DEBUG: Adding trusted authority: (Directory: moria2 fingerprint=719be45de224b607c53707d0e2143e2d423e74cf) [11/11/09 4:40 PM] DEBUG: Adding trusted authority: (Directory: tor26 fingerprint=847b1f850344d7876491a54892f904934e4eb85d v3ident=14c131dfc5c6f93646be72fa1401c02a8df2e8b4) [11/11/09 4:40 PM] DEBUG: Adding trusted authority: (Directory: dizum fingerprint=7ea6ead6fd83083c538f44038bbfa077587dd755 v3ident=e8a9c45ede6d711294fadf8e7951f4de6ca56b58) [11/11/09 4:40 PM] DEBUG: Adding trusted authority: (Directory: Tonga fingerprint=4a0ccd2ddc7995083d73f5d667100c8a5831f16d) [11/11/09 4:40 PM] DEBUG: Adding trusted authority: (Directory: ides fingerprint=f397038adc51336135e7b80bd99ca3844360292b v3ident=27b6b5996c426270a5c95488aa5bceb6bcc86956) [11/11/09 4:40 PM] DEBUG: Adding trusted authority: (Directory: gabelmoo fingerprint=68333d0761bcf397a587a0c0b963e4a9e99ec4d3 v3ident=81349fc1f2dba2c2c11b45cb9706637d480ab913) [11/11/09 4:40 PM] DEBUG: Adding trusted authority: (Directory: dannenberg fingerprint=7be683e65d48141321c5ed92f075c55364ac7123 v3ident=585769c78764d58426b8b52b6651a5a71137189a) [11/11/09 4:40 PM] DEBUG: Adding trusted authority: (Directory: urras fingerprint=0ad3fa884d18f89eea2d89c019379e0e7fd94417 v3ident=80550987e1d626e3eba5e5e75a458de0626d088c)

Hidden Service: JTor Test hidden service:6112-6120 Permanent ID : 1C04EEF2CFCFEA948C3C Service Descriptor : 2631362A025C773CD5B00F8343E5427CE07F711B Tor Public Key: bd56e37e79e7311bb665e2861f4d744866794c6a

This is just the server side of the Hidden Services, and I still need to implement the Rendezvous point circuits. And then I will have to finish the client side as well. After that, sufficient testing would be providing a service with the jTor hidden services, and then trying to connect to it not using the jTor client and vice versa. That would ensure workability as well as compatibility with the other versions of the client.

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