Google Summer of Tor 2010 - JTor Hidden Services

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  • 2010
    • August
      • GSoC summer of Tor near the end.
        Today is the unofficial pencils down date. Too bad I am not ready to put my pencil down yet. I have until Friday to pull everything together and complete what I have left, because that is the official pencils down date. I have had a lot of obstacles when facing the challenge of completing my project

    • June
      • Progress Report 2
        I am not posting a pie chart for this progress report, because it would look like pac-man with the big slice reading something like 'silly bug hunt.' I spent way too much time trying to fix the encoded output of the onion address. It turns out that the problem was that I was using the base

      • Progress Report
        Two weeks into SoC already - that was fast. To make this exciting I made a pie chart of what I have been spending my time on (pie charts are exciting).

        I have been spending a lot of my time going through the existing Tor code and seeing how it is implemented. This was a very d

    • May
      • So it begins...
        Hooray, GSoC is finally here - and I am a little behind. Spent the first two days of GSoC moving from Philadelphia to Austin. But now I am settled and I have the internet, and so it begins. I am going to take on the V2 Service Descriptors first. The Service Descriptor holds the information necessary

      • Photo of Bob by Alice
        My friend whipped up this spoof on the painting "The Son of Man" by Magritte, that is an onion in front of his face.

      • JTor Google Summer of Code 2010 Proposal