GSoC2k9 - Torbutton Feature Fulfillment - Kory Kirk

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      • Front end and refresh spoofing
        For the preferences, I have added a radio button group to the headers tab of the security settings tab of the preferences. This group contains options for different modes of referer spoofing, the four modes available are:
        - Spoof root of the site (spoofs the referer as the directory the pag

      • Referer Spoofing and more
        I can't believe it has been 20 days since I have last updated this blog. I feel like a bad GSoC'er. But, can't be helped. Firstly I have my own SVN branch now, that I use to update my code - you can see it here. I have added the tor:// and tors:// protocols and their handling, alth

      • nsIProtocolHandler and nsIIOService correct implementation for Torbutton
        Thanks to some direction from my mentor, Mike, I feel much more comfortable with this step of the project. I have rewritten the newURI and newChannel functions:

        newURI: function(spec, charset, baseURI)
        const nsIStandardURL = Components.interfaces.nsIStandardURL;

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