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  • 2009
    • August
      • Cookie Protections & The End of GSoC
        So GSoC is over, or at least the coding part of it. I have finished all the features that I proposed originally to do. GSoC2009 - Torbutton Feature Fulfillment, mission accomplished - features fulfilled. So first I am going to describe the dev process of the last feature, the cookie protections,

    • July
      • Two link context options
        Today I committed some code for two link context menu options. The first one copies the url of the link to the clipboard and changes the scheme to tor. The second opens the url with the tor scheme in a new tab. Both of these are additions to the tor:// protocol implementation.

        The next s

      • Midterm Update
        I filled out my midterm evaluation form a few days ago. From my original plan, I am on track with my progress. Today I committed the initial release of the referer spoofing feature. I implemented it as I had described in the previous entry.

        note: "referer" is actually spelled

    • June
      • Front end and refresh spoofing
        For the preferences, I have added a radio button group to the headers tab of the security settings tab of the preferences. This group contains options for different modes of referer spoofing, the four modes available are:
        - Spoof root of the site (spoofs the referer as the directory the pag

      • Referer Spoofing and more
        I can't believe it has been 20 days since I have last updated this blog. I feel like a bad GSoC'er. But, can't be helped. Firstly I have my own SVN branch now, that I use to update my code - you can see it here. I have added the tor:// and tors:// protocols and their handling, alth

      • nsIProtocolHandler and nsIIOService correct implementation for Torbutton
        Thanks to some direction from my mentor, Mike, I feel much more comfortable with this step of the project. I have rewritten the newURI and newChannel functions:

        newURI: function(spec, charset, baseURI)
        const nsIStandardURL = Components.interfaces.nsIStandardURL;

    • May
      • tor-protocol component
        For the tor-protocol component, I had the help of a confusing tutorial and its corrections. I have a good start on it, I believe everything I need for this component is there. I took the skeleton code from the example, appropriately changed variables - got a new CID and a few other tweeks. I also fi

      • Part 1: The plan
        Rough start, as I have been extremely busy with non-GSoC stuff the past few days, had to move out of my house and take care of some other stuff. But luckily from the depths of that business came the outline of the development plan for the feature that I am going to implement in Torbutton. That is t

      • GSoC and Torbutton
        This is my Torbutton blog to track my progress of my 2009 Google Summer of Code project with The Tor Project. I am working on adding some new features to the Torbutton Firefox plug in, to help me through this process - I have my mentor, Mike. I am hoping to update this page frequently to keep a