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Front end and refresh spoofing 
Sunday, June 28, 2009, 12:01 PM
Posted by Administrator
For the preferences, I have added a radio button group to the headers tab of the security settings tab of the preferences. This group contains options for different modes of referer spoofing, the four modes available are:
- Spoof root of the site (spoofs the referer as the directory the page your are accessing it from)
- Spoof site's domain (spoofs just the domain part not the path)
- Spoof no referer
- No spoofing

I am thinking that the default will be spoof site's domain. I am also adding a feature called "fake refresh," which is a check box that will spoof every request as if you were already on the page and calling a refresh. This sends the basic get request to the server, but we include an additional "is modified" header which has a time value. I will need to work out a time value that will not break pages, and I am not sure if that parameter really matters with refreshes, but we shall see.

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